Palestine–Poland relations

Official relations between Poland and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) date back to the 1970s, when a PLO representative office was opened in 1976.[1]

Palestine-Poland relations



Diplomatic relations between Poland and the PLO began in 1982, when the representative office was appointed as the official diplomatic mission to Poland and the head of the mission was appointed ambassador.

Poland recognized the Palestinian Declaration of Independence issued by the Palestinian National Council in Algiers in 1988 and raised the degree of Palestinian representation to the level of an embassy with all privileges and rights enjoyed by other missions accredited to Poland. Poland accepted that the Ambassador of the State of Palestine be the extraordinary ambassador to Poland since 2000.

The Polish position is consistent in its support for the struggle of the Palestinian people. Poland is one of the European countries that support the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict peacefully based on the two-state solution.[2] There is parliamentary cooperation between Palestine and Poland and the exchange of parliamentary delegations. There is also close cooperation in various fields such as tourism, education, sports and military security. Poland provides annual support through aid for development projects in Palestine.

Poland participated in the training of a number of Palestinian diplomats, policemen and border guards. The Polish border guards trained 72 Palestinian policemen in 2016.

Poland's abstention in favor of a General Assembly resolution rejecting any measures to change the situation in Jerusalem stems from the Polish view that voting in favor of the resolution will not bring the solution between the two sides closer.[3]

Country comparison

State of Palestine Republic of Poland
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of Palestine

Coat of arms of Poland
Populations 5,052,776 (2018) (123rd) 38,104,832 (2018) (37th)
Area 6,020 km2 (2,324 sq mi) 306,230 km2 (118,236 sq mi)
Population density 839/km2 (2,174/sq mi) 124/km2 (322/sq mi)
Time zones 1 1
Capital Jerusalem (de jure)
Ramallah (de facto)
Major cities Gaza City
Government Semi-presidential
First leader Yasser Arafat Gabriel Narutowicz
Current leader(s) President Mahmoud Abbas President Andrzej Duda
Ruling political party Hamas (de jure)
Fatah (de facto)
Law and Justice
Official languages Arabic Polish
Main religions 93% Islam 87,6% Roman Catholicism
Human Development Index (2018) 0.686 (medium) 0.865 (very high)
GDP (nominal) (2017) $12,766 billion ($3,095 per capita) $471,402 billion ($13,821 per capita)
GDP (PPP) (2017) $22 billion ($4,885 per capita) $1,121 trillion ($29,251 per capita)
Military expenditures (2017) N/A $10 billion (2.0% of GDP)[4]


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