Société Nationale des Autoroutes du Maroc

The Société Nationale des Autoroutes du Maroc (ADM) is the Morocco's national authority for the management of over 1400 -km of Moroccan expressways.[1] ADM is based in Rabat.

Société Nationale des Autoroutes du Maroc
Typesociété anonyme
Industryroad management
Genrepublic services
Area served
Key people
Khalid SBIA, CFO
1.086 Million dirhams
22 Million dirhams
Ownersee list investors
Number of employees
Footnotes / references
Chamber of commerce #29175, valid for 99 years

ADM runs the network on a pay-per-use basis, with toll stations placed along its length. Rental-income from rest-areas and services (fuel, food and drink outlets etc.) form a second income beside the collected toll-revenues.

Not only the management of existing roads is ADM's responsibility, management of construction projects and planning of future extensions is part of their mission.


The total length of paved roads in Morocco has grown dramatically over the past decades, and doubled from 14.500 km in 1956 to over 30.000 km now. Studies in the early seventies predicted a growth in traffic-load of 6% a year, meaning that every twelve years the traffic doubles. In 1975 construction started on the first stage of the motorway between Casablanca and Rabat. Financial restrictions slowed down development and the opening of the last section had to wait until 1987. Two years later the ADM was officially formed. Since that date other motorways were developed. One instrument to allow faster construction was introduction of toll. Revenues could then be used to repay investments.

Road construction

After completion of the Casablanca-Rabat expressway new developments contributed in completing the much wanted North-South and East-West main links. The East-West link runs from Rabat via Fez to Oujda. The first stage is completed as the Rabat-Fes expressway and the Fes-Oujda expressway is under construction.

The North-South link is formed with Casablanca as startpoint:

Managing projects

ADM uses projects to manage the development of new roads. Each project has its own finances (budget, investors) and most projects split up in segments. Call for bids for each segment are then published and generly open for national and international bidders.

Recently completed roads

Two projects were completed in the last years:

Realisation between 2009 and 2012, projected budget 800 MDH

Under construction

The following projects are currently under construction:

  • El Jadida - Safi expressway - 144 km to be built between 2011 and 2016.

The company

Administration building of ADM

ADM is set up as a société anonyme and its market capital of 6.507.628.500 dirhams has been brought together by:

In 2008 the company will invest 6.684 million dirhams (Approximately 610 million Euro)[3]


The board of directors of ADM is formed by real men and representatives of major investors:

Board of ADM
name title other/main function
Karim GHELLAB President Min. of Transport and Equipment
Abdeljebbar YOUSSEFI member General Secretary Department for Equipment
Hicham N'HAMMOUCHA member Director for roads and traffic
Mouhcine ALAOUI member Director of technology
Khalid SBIA member Min. of Economy and Finance
Chief financial officer
head of infrastructure

On top of these board-members, major stakeholders have also a representative in the board

some Stakeholders representation
Stakeholder represented by role/occupation
Hassan II fund for Economic
and social development
Rachid ROUASS manager operations
Treasury Abderrahmane SEMMAR Directorate of Public Enterprises and Participation
Kuwaitt Investment Fund Walid Fayssal ALFAHID Director Moroccan affairs
National Port Authority Mohamed Jamal BENJELLOUN Director Nat. Port Authority

Above list is not complete and is based on the Annual Report 2007.[4]

Toll revenues

Tollbooths on A3

The main income for ADM are the toll-revenues. The figures over the past years are:[5]

Income ADM
Item 2008 2007 2006 2005
Toll income1.1641.004754616
other revenues92825664

Over 2007 ADM collected 1004 MDH in toll (direct pay at booths and season tickets) and 82 MDH in other revenues (2006:254 MDh resp. 56 MDh). Due to increasing traffic and opening of more (new) toll-roads the income from toll has nearly doubled since 2004 (534 MDH)
Historical figures show a steady growth, starting in 1991 at 46 MDh, 118 in 1995, 342 in 2000 and 640 in 2005.

The top-3 earners are: (2007 and 2006 figures)

  • Casablanca-Rabat - 306 MDh (252 MDh)
  • Rabat-Tanger - 269 MDh (212 MDh)
  • Casablanca - Marrakech - 219 MDh (117 MDh)[6]

Revenues are used to pay for companies management (28%), interest and other financing costs (47%) and partial repayment of loans (25%)[7][8]

Daily management

Besides developing new roads and manage these projects, daily operation of existing motorways is also a very important responsibility of the company. This includes daily and major maintenance, promote road-security and collect toll-revenues


The company employs 597 people, and this total is quite stable over the past years. This figure includes only ADM's own workforce: many more Moroccan and foreign people are working on the ongoing building-projects, but these work for the contractors or subcontractors. The percentage of female personnel at the end of 2007 is 8% (at 47 female against 550 male).

Road safety

One of the goals of ADM is to increase road-safety in Morocco starting on their own roads. ADM reports details on serious accidents. A serious accident is an accident with at least one injured or killed person. The four reported figures are:

  • serious accidents
  • serious accidents with one or more people killed
  • number of serious injured people
  • number of killed people

All these figures are reported in absolute numbers as well as in relation to the total number of traveled distance on their motorways. This number is reported per 100 million travelled kilometer.

Safety on ADM managed roads
Type accident 2007 2008 % change
serious accidents 799 1026 +28,4%
fatal accidents 94 115 +18%
rate per 100 mln km. 3,0 3,2 +8%
serious injuries 558 703 +21%
is per 100 mln km. 17,7 19,8 11%
deaths 134 145 +8%
is per 100 mln km. 4,2 4,1 -4%

Figures 2006 and 2007

The information over 2006 and 2007 are based on the safety-reports on the ADM website in 2008. When comparing these figures with the 2007 data as reported in 2009 (the 2008 year-report) the numbers don't match. Therefore, it is difficult to compare the newest numbers with the old 2007 and 2006 statistics. The previous reported details are used for the tables and information below. In 2007 762 accidents with casualties were reported, a 5% increase on 2006. The accident-rate per 100 million traveled kilometers dropped by 20% from 30,2 to 24,1 between these years, but the total number as well as rate of deaths didn't go down.

A breakdown of these figures:[9]

Safety on ADM managed roads
Type accident 2006 2007 % change notes
serious accidents 726 762 +5% is accident with serious inj. or deaths
rate per 100 mln km. 30,2 24.1 -20%
fatal accidents 74 86 +16% is accident with at least one death
rate per 100 mln km. 3,1 2,7 -12%
serious injuries 480 535 +11%
is per 100 mln km. 20,0 16,9 -15%
deaths 90 127 +41%
is per 100 mln km. 3,7 4,0 +7%

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All statistical figures and financial data from ADM website

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