Oued Saoura

Oued Saoura is an intermittent river, or wadi, formed from the confluence of the Oued Guir and Oued Zouzfana at Igli, forming the Saoura valley.[1] While in the past the flow of the river was steady and plentiful, in recent years it has diminished due to the construction of the Djorf Torba dam on the Oued Guir.[1]

Oued Saoura
The Oued Saoura at Béni Abbès
RegionBéchar Province (with a small section in Adrar Province)
Physical characteristics
  locationConfluence of Oued Guir and Oued Zouzfana
Sebkhel el Melah
300 m (980 ft)
Basin features
  leftOued Zouzfana
  rightOued Guir


From Igli the Oued Saoura runs through Béchar Province past the towns of Béni Abbès, Tamtert, El Ouata, Béni Ikhlef, Kerzaz, Timoudi, Ouled Khoudir, and Ksabi, then passes under the N6 highway before reaching the endorheic lake Sebkha el Melah.


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