Taifa of Carmona

The Taifa of Carmona (Arabic: طائفة قرمونة) was a medieval Berber taifa kingdom. It existed for two distinct periods: first from 1013 to 1066 when it was conquered by the Taifa of Seville, and secondly from around 1143 to 1150 when it was finally conquered by the Almohad Caliphate. The taifa was established and ruled by the Zenata Berber Birzalid dynasty.

Taifa of Carmona

Taifa Kingdom of Carmona, c. 1037
CapitalCarmona, now in Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Common languagesArabic, Mozarabic, Hebrew
Islam, Christianity (Roman Catholicism), Judaism
Historical eraMiddle Ages
 Downfall of Caliphate of Córdoba
1066–1091 / 1091–1143
 Conquered by the Almohad Caliphate
CurrencyDirham and Dinar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Almohad Caliphate

List of emirs

Birzalid dynasty

  • 'Abd Allah: 1013/4–1023/4
  • Muhammad: 1023/4–1042/3
  • Ishaq: 1042/3–1052/3
  • Al-'Aziz: 1052/3–1066/7

Darddusid dynasty

  • Darddus: fl. mid-12th century

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