Taifa of Ronda

The Taifa of Ronda (Arabic: طائفة رندة) was a medieval Berber[1] taifa kingdom centered in Moorish al-Andalus in what is now southern Spain. It existed from 1039 to 1065. The taifa was ruled by a family from the Berber Banu Ifran tribe of North Africa. Its capital was the city of Ronda. From 1065 until 1091, the taifa was under the control of the Taifa of Seville, led by Abbad II al-Mu'tadid.[2]

Taifa of Ronda

Taifa Kingdom of Ronda, c. 1037.
Common languagesArabic, Mozarabic, Berber, Hebrew
Islam, Christianity (Roman Catholicism), Judaism
Historical eraMiddle Ages
 Conquered by the Taifa of Seville
CurrencyDirham and Dinar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Taifa of Seville
Taifa of Seville

List of Emirs

Yafranid dynasty

  • Abu Nour: 1039/40–1053/4
  • Badis ibn Hilal: 1053/4–1057/8
  • Abu Nur Hilal (restored): 1057/8
  • Abu Nars Fatuh: 1057/8–1065

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