The Zaër is an Arabic-speaking tribal confederacy of mixed Maqil-Arab and Berber origins.

The confederacy is composed of two tribal groups : Kefiane and Mzar'a. The Kefiane group is settling the western and southern part of the Confederacy's territory and is made of 7 tribes: Beni Obeid, Slamna, Uled Zeid, Uled Daho, Hlalef, Ruashed, and Mkhalef. The second group, Mzar'a, is settling in the eastern part of the territory and is made of 6 tribes: Nejda, Uled Ali, Gsisset, Brashua, Uled Ktir, and Uled Khelifa.[1]

The Zaër first settled in the highlands and the northern edge of the Sahara and southern High Atlas. Leo Africanus wrote in the early sixteenth century that they settled in the region of Khenifra, and later continued on to the north to the Rabat region.[2]

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