Beni Guil

The Beni Guil (Arabic: بني غل) is an Arabian tribe of Sharif descent. In the 10th century their ancestors were given the right of grazing on the land of the Moroccan East and West by Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah, the Arabian Fatimid ruler of North-Africa.[1]

Beni Guil sheep

The tribe Beni Guil has given its name to a famous breed of sheep in Morocco. The Beni Guil race, called locally as "Daghma" or "Hamra" in reference to its brown color. The flocks are considered a prized possession amongst the tribe.

The Arabian tribes which settled for over 1000 years in North-Africa, have brought with them their flocks, which explains the origin of this breed.

The Beni Guil male sheep breed has a dark brown head, but the head is slightly clear in the female sheep. This coloration extends to the rear of the horns and the lower jaw. It has a white fleece and brown legs. The legs and head are free of wool. The tail is short and fine; it does not exceed the point of hock. The Beni Guil race of sheep have such a good conformation that makes them one of the best beef breeds in Morocco.

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