Ain Zohra

Ain Zohra (Amazigh: Ayn Zuhra, ⴰⵢⵏ ⵣⵓⵀⵔⴰ, Arabic: عين الزهراء) is a commune in Driouch Province, Oriental, Morocco. At the time of the 2004 census, the commune had a total population of 11,258 people living in 1,754 households.[1]

Ain Zohra

ⴰⵢⵏ ⵣⵓⵀⵔⴰ / عين الزهراء
Location of Ain Zohra in Driouch Province
Coordinates: 34.66°N 3.53°W / 34.66; -3.53
Time zoneUTC+0 (WET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+1 (WEST)


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