Algeria–Syria relations

Algero–Syrian relations refers to the relationship between the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria and the Syrian Arab Republic. Algeria has an embassy in Damascus; while Syria has an embassy in Algiers. Both are members of the Arab League (but Syria was suspended in 2012). Algeria is one of the few Arab countries that maintains tie with the Syrian Government under Bashar al-Assad, and has defended the government within the Arab League.

Algeria-Syria relations




The struggle of Algerians against French colonialism during the Algerian War drew inspirations from the other Arab states such as Syria. With such, following the independence of Algeria at 1962 and the 1963 Syrian coup d'état, the two countries established relations.

Syrian Civil War

During the civil war in Syria, Algeria has maintained diplomatic ties and opposed any plan to arm the opposition.[1] From the Algerian state's point of view, the Syrian war and the rise of fundamentalism caused significant concerns.[2] According to commentators, this is a legacy of the tensions between Algeria and Saudi Arabia over the Algerian Civil War. As such, Algeria has vehemently opposed the other Arab countries' decisions to arm the Syrian opposition amidst the conflict in Syria due to Algeria's historical trauma, and quietly supports the Syrian Government.[3]

Algeria had also acted as mediator between Syria and Turkey.[4] As of 2015, Algeria has received nearly 25,000 Syrian refugees fleeing the country. Most Syrians in Algeria are now working in small and medium businesses.[5][6]


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