Algeria–Mauritania relations

Algeria–Mauritania relations is the relationship between two neighboring Arab Maghreb countries, Algeria and Mauritania. The relationship between the two countries is often characterized as friendly, although there were several political standoffs between the two countries in the past. such as the Western Sahara War (1975-1991). During the War, Mauritania and Morocco together invaded the Western Sahara region, while Algeria opposed them and supported the Polisario Front. Nonetheless, weaker and poorer than Algeria in every aspect, Mauritania ceded its claims and restored tie with Algeria.[1]

Algeria-Mauritania relations



Algeria has an embassy in Nouakchott while Mauritania has an embassy in Algiers.

Western Sahara War

The Polisario Front, supported by Algeria, fought in a war against Mauritania and Morocco. Mauritanian military, weaker in both materials and arms, was forced to renounce their claims. As for the result, Algeria and Mauritania reapproached the tie and became strategic partnerships.

Current relations

Both two countries have been aiming to work and collaborate, while trying not to anger Morocco, Algeria's fierce rival but Mauritania's important economic investor.[2] Algeria is expanding their investments to Mauritania to counter Moroccan influence.

Morocco has expressed their concerns over the tie between two nations.[3]


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