Algeria–Poland relations

Algeria–Poland relations is the historical and current relationship between Algeria and Poland. Both two countries have historical connections, traced back with the similarities of struggling for freedom of both Poles and Algerians from the foreign conquerors, and it had a significant influence that still dated to today.

Algerian-Polish relations



Algeria maintains an embassy in Warsaw while Poland has an embassy in Algiers.


Embassy of Algeria in Warsaw

Alongside with the long historical struggles of Vietnamese against foreign domination, which was witnessed by majority of Algerian troops during the French Indochina War; the Polish struggle for freedom drew another great inspiration from the Algerians throughout the Algerian elites educating in Europe who opposed French colonialism, which later sparked to the Algerian War in 1954.

The FLN was thought to have been influenced from the Polish struggle against Nazi Germany as well as the Soviet Union throughout World War II.

The Italo-Algerian movie The Battle of Algiers was popular among Polish people during 1960s and drew an inspiration for the later Solidarity movement which foresaw the collapse of communist rule around Eastern Europe.

Modern relations

Poland and Algeria enjoy a significant relations in business.[1] In 2016, Poland and Algeria abolished visa requirements for diplomatic passport holders.[2]

The Polish Foreign Minister had paid visit to Algeria in 2017 to boost trade and cooperation between two countries.[3][4] Algerian Minister Mustapha Gitouni also boosts energy cooperation with Poland.[5]

Algeria considers Poland as an important partner in Europe.[6]


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