Algeria–India relations

Algeria–India relations (Arabic: العلاقات الجزائرية الهندية; Hindi: अल्जीरिया-भारत संबंध), also called Algerian-Indian relations, refers to the bilateral relations between Algeria and India. Algeria has an embassy in New Delhi. India has an embassy in Algiers.

Algerian–Indian relations


Diplomatic mission
Embassy of India, AlgiersEmbassy of Algeria, New Delhi
Algerian Ambassador to India Hamza Yahia CherifIndian Ambassador to Algeria Gaurav Ahluwalia

Both nations are part of the Non-Aligned Movement. As a member of the African Union, Algeria supports India's candidacy for a permanent seat in a reformed Security Council.[1]

Economic ties

In January positive trend; it has grown from US$55 million in 2001 to US$3.4 billion in 2011."[2] Recently, India and Algeria have taken steps to increase collaboration in the oil sector.[3]

The Indian car company Maruti has a significant market in Algeria, with it being its third largest export market and exporting nearly 17,247 cars in the year 2011-12.[4]

Bilateral cooperation and assistance

India provided Algeria with US$1 million as humanitarian aid for "the victims of the earthquake which struck Algeria in May 2003. Medicines worth half a million US dollars were handed over in April 2004 and the balance in the form of construction steel for the houses for the victims was handed over in October 2006." The Indian Space Research Organisation, the Indian Government's main space agency managing the Indian Space Programme, launched the Algerian Satellite Alsat 2A into orbit in July 2010.[5]


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