Algeria–Vietnam relations

Algeria–Vietnam relations refers to bilateral relations between Algeria and Vietnam. The two countries established relations in 1962, although the link between Algeria and Vietnam has been recorded much longer than modern history.[1] Algeria has an embassy in Hanoi while Vietnam has an embassy in Algiers.

Algerian–Vietnamese relations



Both countries are members of the Group of 77.


Relationship between Algeria and Vietnam is the oldest relationship between Vietnam with an Arab country in the Arab World. The relationship started when France ruled two countries at 19th century.

When France conquered Vietnam at 19th century, King Hàm Nghi of Vietnam was forced to abdicate the throne after French suppression of the Cần Vương movement. The Vietnamese King was exiled to French Algeria and later lived the rest of his life in Algeria and married a Pied-Noir woman.[2] It was the first ever contact between Algeria and Vietnam, and later, they were together linked by French colonization.

Modern relations

Cultural relations

In Hanoi, the Algerian-Vietnamese High School is a symbol of strong Algerian-Vietnamese relationship. In Algiers, Hồ Chí Minh is named in several streets due to his influence for Algerian independence movement. The Vietnam's National Day was celebrated in Algeria first in 2007.[3]

Diplomatic relations

Deemed to be the oldest relationship between Vietnam and an Arab nation , Algeria and Vietnam share common political similarities and interests. Both two countries support the cause of Western Sahara, and have established tie with the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. There is also a military cooperation between them, dated back on Algerian War.[4]


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