House of Representatives (Morocco)

The House of Representatives (Arabic: مجلس النواب [maʒ.li.s‿ːb]; Berber languages: ⴰⵙⵇⵇⵉⵎ ⵏ ⵉⵎⵓⵔⴰ, romanized: Asqqim n Imura; French: Chambre des représentants) is one of the two chambers—the other of which is the House of Councillors—of the Moroccan Parliament. The House of Representatives has 395 members elected for five-year terms, 305 of whom are elected in multi-seat constituencies, and 90 of whom are elected in two national lists dedicated to promote gender equality and national youth.

House of Representatives

مجلس النواب
ⴰⵙⵇⵇⵉⵎ ⵏ ⵉⵎⵓⵔⴰ
Chambre des représentants
Term limits
5 years
President of the House of Representatives
Habib El Malki, USFP
since 16 January 2017[1]
Political groups
Government coalition[2] (240)
  •   PJD (125)
  •   RNI (37)
  •   MP (27)
  •   USFP (20)
  •   UC (19)
  •   PPS (12)

Opposition (155)

  •   PAM (102)
  •   PI (46)
  •   MDS (3)
  •   FGD (2)
  •   PUD (1)
  •   PGVM (1)
Mixed member majoritarian (Single non-transferable vote for 305 seats, 60 seats reserved for women and 30 seats reserved for young people under 40 by proportional representation)
Last election
7 October 2016
Next election
November 2021
Meeting place
Rabat, Morocco

Composition after 2016 election

Party Constituency Nationwide Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Women Youth
Justice and Development Party1,571,65927.14981,618,96327.88189125+18
Authenticity and Modernity Party1,205,44420.82811,216,55220.95147102+55
Istiqlal Party621,28010.7335620,04110.687446–14
National Rally of Independents558,8759.6528544,1189.376337–15
Popular Movement409,0857.0620397,0856.845227–5
Socialist Union of Popular Forces367,6226.3514359,6006.194220–19
Party of Progress and Socialism279,2264.827273,8004.723212–6
Constitutional Union268,8134.6415263,7204.543119–4
Federation of the Democratic Left139,7932.412164,5752.83002New
Democratic and Social Movement74,4721.29377,6301.34003+1
Covenant and Restoration Alliance49,0400.85051,9060.89000New
Front of Democratic Forces51,9450.90049,3600.85000–1
Environment and Sustainable Development Party35,6450.62035,1670.61000–2
Union and Democracy Party20,2400.35123,5740.410010
New Democratic Party17,0030.29019,2840.33000New
Party of Renaissance and Virtue15,5220.27014,9550.260000
Party of Liberty and Social Justice10,8110.19014,7350.25000–1
Democratic Independence Party13,0970.23013,4180.230000
Renaissance Party11,1940.19012,7100.22000New
Party of Hope7,7470.1309,1170.160000
Labour Party2,9100.0507,2280.12000–4
Social Centre Party6,1560.1106,9770.120000
Moroccan Union for Democracy5,2660.0906,3790.110000
Democratic Society Party3,0460.0505,1100.090000
Reform and Development Party16,5010.28000
Green Left Party13,3890.23110
National Democratic Party5,1150.09000
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout15,702,59215,702,592
Source: CEC (Votes) Le Matin (Total seats, Women's seats)

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