Menlow, Texas

Menlow is an unincorporated community in northwestern Hill County in Central Texas. It is located approximately on Farm Road 1304, four miles west of I-35, ten miles southwest of Hillsboro.[1]

Location of Menlow in the state of Texas.


The town was settled in the 1890s, by settlers from the Carolinas, with its name derived from a park in their home region. A post office was in operation between 1895 and 1903, and by 1896 the population was fifty. The population reached its peak of one hundred in the 1900s, with three churches, two grocery stores, a school, a blacksmith, a gin, a barbershop, physician and a veterinarian being in operation. An early settled named Joe Steele donated land for a Methodist Church and a school, which would be named Treadwell School in 1920. The school was later consolidated with Abbott School in 1940.[2]

Many families moved away during World War II, and by the 1970s the town reported a population of ten. The population has remained steady since this time.

Notable People


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