Vaughan, Texas

Vaughan is an unincorporated community in northwestern Hill County in Central Texas. It is located approximately eight miles north of Hillsboro, at the intersection of Farm Roads 1947 and 310, roughly half a mile from Aquilla Lake, and nine miles south-east of Hillsboro.[1][2]

Location of Vaughan in the state of Texas.


The first anglo settlement, named Willow, was located two miles to the east. The community included a church and a school. Vaughan was likely named after a local resident in the 1880s, Dr. B. H. Vaughan. A post office was established in 1885, and a population of twenty-five was recorded in 1890. The community also featured a general store, a wagonmaker and a physician at this time. A cotton gin was constructed in 1898 and a Baptist Church was built c1900. A methodist church was also founded around this time. By 1915 the Vaughan and Willow schools had been consolidated. By the 1930s, the population was fifty. The population remained steady until the 1960s. A tornado killed seven people in Vaughan in 1959 with a number of buildings, including its churches being destroyed.[3]

By the 1970s, the population had increased to seventy, however by the 1980s, the Baptist church was the only institution still in operation. In 2010, the population was seventy-five.


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