Lovelace, Texas

Lovelace is an unincorporated community in northwestern Hill County in Central Texas. It is located approximately eight miles north of Hillsboro, at the intersection of Texas State Highway 81 and FM 2959.[1]

Location of Lovelace in the state of Texas.


Lovelace was settled following the Civil War by J. M. Loveless 1842-1908) and his two brothers, William Asbury (1855-1917) and Quinton Smith (1848-1923), following their service in the Confederacy. In 1885, the Missouri, Kansas and Texas built a railroad siding switch on the families land. They intended to name the site in his honor, however they misspelled his name. The area was then used by local farmers as a shipping point, with a church, school and a number of businesses being established. In 1893 a post office was opened, closing in 1908. The population remained under one hundred, with school enrollment being thirty in 1905. The population was sixty by the 1930s, with four businesses still in operation. The population dropped to fifty by the 1950s.[2][3]

By 2000 the population had dropped to twelve.


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