Boumerdès Province

Boumerdès (Arabic: ولاية بومرداس, French: Wilaya de Boumerdès) is a province (wilaya) of northern Algeria in the Kabylie region, between Algiers and Tizi-Ouzou, with its capital at the coastal city of Boumerdès (formerly Rocher-Noir) just east of Algiers.

Boumerdès Province

ولاية بومرداس
Wilaya de Boumerdès
Map of Algeria highlighting Boumerdès
Coordinates: 36°46′N 03°29′E
Country Algeria
  WāliYahia Yahiatene
  Total1,591 km2 (614 sq mi)
  Density500/km2 (1,300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Area Code+213 (0) 24
ISO 3166 codeDZ-35

Administrative divisions

It is made up of 9 districts and 32 communes or municipalities.




The neighbourhoods of Boumerdès Province are:


The villages of Boumerdès Province are:


The province is largely mountainous, with a long coastline and a number of rivers, notably the Isser, Meraldene and Sebaou. Its western edges have in effect become suburbs of Algiers as the capital has expanded.


The three towns of Zemmouri El Bahri (Rusubbicari), Djinet (Cissi), and Dellys (Rusucurium), all of Phoenician foundation, were the province's principal ancient sites, although smaller Roman towns existed inland, as at Thenia called Nubel's Citadel, at Taourga; at none do any significant classical ruins remain. Zemmouri El Bahri (under the name of Marsa-d-Dajaj) and Dellys both attained some significance in the Islamic period, beginning with Hammadid times; the largely Ottoman-era casbah of Dellys remains an attraction. Boumerdès itself, called Rocher-Noir in the colonial period, was expanded substantially following the establishment of the new wilaya in 1984.

2003 earthquake

The province was very hard hit by the 2003 Boumerdès earthquake, whose epicentre was near Zemmouri.

Since the occurrence of the El Asnam earthquake on October 10, 1980, this province has not ceased to feel minor earthquakes.

The occurrence of weak tremors was further accentuated in the aftermath of the Chenoua earthquake of October 29, 1989.

From the earthquake of Wednesday May 21, 2003, telluric aftershocks lasted for years before stabilizing at low magnitudes.

Since 2003, the area encompassing this province has been classified as a high seismic risk region in order to make adequate technical provisions during the construction of houses and buildings.

The technical control of buildings in this province has become more rigorous and strict with regard to construction materials and construction.

The victims of this earthquake, who were housed in chalets and prefabricated houses, were still in 2020 in the process of being relocated to new apartments.

Resistance against French invasion

Emir Abdelkader resistance

During the French conquest of Algeria, the region of the current Boumerdès Province in Lower Kabylia was the scene of several battles of Algerian resistance fighters against French Troupes coloniales:

French invasion (1837-1871)

The region of the current Boumerdès Province was the first bulwark that faced from 1837 against the French invasion of Kabylia and eastern Algeria through several battles under the banner of the Mitidja resistance and the Emir Abdelkader resistance:

  • Expedition of the Col des Beni Aïcha, which took place on May 18, 1837 as part of the Algerian resistance against French invasion.
  • Ammal battle (1840), which took place on April 18, 1840 as part of the Algerian resistance against French invasion.
  • Boudouaou battle (1840), which took place on September 18, 1840 as part of the Algerian resistance against French invasion.
  • Dellys battle (1844), which took place on May 12, 1844 as part of the Algerian resistance against French invasion.
  • Issers battle (1846), which took place on February 2, 1846 as part of the Algerian resistance against French invasion.

Mokrani Revolt (1871)

This region was the scene of the last battles of the Mokrani Revolt during the month of April 1871 at the gate of Algiers against the French invasion:[2]

Independence Revolution (1954-1962)


Many Walis have passed through Boumerdès Province since its creation on February 4, 1984 through Executive Decree No. 84-09 that organizes the Algerian national territory within the framework of forty-eight wilayates.[3]

Chronology of Walis in Boumerdès Province
Wali From To Province of birth
01 Abdelmalek Sellal April 4, 1984 May 13, 1984 Constantine Province
02 Hachemi Djiar May 13, 1984 September 20, 1987 Batna Province
03 Youcef ben Oudjit September 20, 1987 July 29, 1990 Jijel Province
04 Kouider Djebli July 29, 1990 August 21, 1991 Chlef Province
05 Mohamed Laïchoubi August 21, 1991 April 15, 1994 Tlemcen Province
06 Mourad Hidouk June 30, 1994 August 22, 1999 Jijel Province
07 Ali Bedrici August 22, 1999 May 7, 2008 Tizi Ouzou Province
08 Brahim Merad May 7, 2008 September 30, 2010 Batna Province
09 Kamal Abbas September 30, 2010 July 22, 2015 Laghouat Province
10 Nouria Yamina Zerhouni July 22, 2015 October 5, 2016 Tlemcen Province
11 Abderrahmane Madani Fouatih October 5, 2016 October 3, 2018 Oran Province
12 Mohamed Slamani October 3, 2018 April 22, 2019 Biskra Province
13 Yahia Yahiatene April 22, 2019 Nowadays Tizi Ouzou Province


Zawiyet Sidi Amar Cherif


  • Al-Fath Mosque
  • Jabir ibn Hayyan Mosque
  • Uthman ibn Affan Mosque
  • Abderrahmane ibn Khaldoun Mosque
  • Al-Baraka Mosque



  • University of Boumerdès
  • Faculty of Boudouaou
  • Institut National de la Productivité et du Développement Industriel (INPED)
  • Touzout brothers Lyceum
  • Mohamed Bouchatal College
  • Mohamed Boushaki School
  • Draoui brothers Lyceum
  • Emir Khaled Lyceum
  • Mohamed Laïd Al-Khalifa Lyceum
  • Frantz Fanon Lyceum


Thenia Hospital
  • Thenia Hospital
  • Amar Ouamrane Hospital
  • Mohamed Boudaoud Hospital
  • Mohamed Bouyahiaoui Hospital
  • Boumerdès Orthopedic Emergency Hospital
  • Boumerdès Hospital



Site of Le Rocher Hotel
  • Albatros Beach Hotel
  • El Amir Hotel
  • La Villa Hotel
  • Le Rocher Hotel
  • Leïla Hotel
  • Medina Hotel
  • Soummam Hotel
  • Timezrit Hotel


El Karma Beach
  • Seghirat Beach
  • El Karma Beach
  • Nakhlat Beach
  • Miflah Beach
  • Echatt Beach
  • Corso Beach
  • Souanine Beach
  • Leghata Beach
  • Aafir Beach


Boumerdès railway station
  • Ammal railway station
  • Beni Amrane railway station
  • Bordj Menaïel railway station
  • Boudouaou railway station
  • Boumerdès railway station
  • Corso railway station
  • Issers railway station
  • Naciria railway station
  • Si Mustapha railway station
  • Souk El Had railway station
  • Thenia railway station
  • Tidjelabine railway station
  • Boumerdès bus station


Zemmouri Port

This province is home to the structures of several fishing ports:

  • Dellys Port
  • Djinet Port
  • Zemmouri Port
  • Al-Qaous fishing shelter


This province is crossed by dozens of rivers:


This province is home to the structures of several hydraulic dams:

Notable people

  • Sidi Abd al-Rahman al-Tha'alibi, Algerian theologian.
  • Sidi Boushaki, Algerian theologian.
  • Cheikh Boumerdassi, Algerian theologian.
  • Sidi Amar Cherif, Algerian theologian.
  • Abdelkader Zerrar, Algerian footballer.
  • Abdelkrim Doudène, Algerian footballer.
  • Abdenour Boushaki, Algerian politician.
  • Abderrahmane Benhamida, Algerian politician.
  • Abderrahmane Boushaki, Algerian leader.
  • Abderrahmane Farès, Algerian politician.
  • Abderrahmane Hammad, Algerian athlete.
  • Abderrahman Ibrir, Algerian footballer.
  • Adel Djerrar, Algerian footballer.
  • Ahmed Bourenane, Algerian politician.
  • Ahmed Hadhoum, Algerian politician.
  • Ahmed Mahsas, Algerian politician.
  • Ali Laskri, Algerian politician.
  • Ali Rial, Algerian footballer.
  • Ali Boushaki, Algerian theologian.
  • Amine ibn El Boushaki, Algerian judoka.
  • Bachir Boudjelid, Algerian footballer.
  • Bilal Tarikat, Algerian footballer.
  • Brahim Boushaki, Algerian theologian.
  • Dahmane Deriche, Algerian politician.
  • Dahmane Deriche, Algerian artist.
  • Faouzi Chaouchi, Algerian footballer.
  • Farid Ishak Boushaki, Algerian academician.
  • Farouk Belkaïd, Algerian footballer.
  • Fatma Zohra Zamoum, Algerian writer.
  • Firmus, Berber leader.
  • Gildo, Berber leader.
  • Hocine Soltani, Algerian boxer.
  • Hocine Ziani, Algerian artist.
  • Lamine Abid, Algerian footballer.
  • Lounés Bendahmane, Algerian footballer.
  • Lyès Deriche, Algerian leader.
  • Maamar Bettayeb, Algerian academician.
  • Mascezel, Berber leader.
  • Messaoud Aït Abderrahmane, Algerian footballer.
  • Mohamed Aïchaoui, Algerian journalist.
  • Mohamed Allalou, Algerian boxer.
  • Mohamed Arkab, Algerian politician.
  • Mohamed Bouisri, Algerian politician.
  • Mohamed Boumerdassi, Algerian artist.
  • Mohamed Bourenane, Algerian politician.
  • Mohamed Deriche, Algerian politician.
  • Mohamed Deriche, Algerian academician.
  • Mohamed Flissi, Algerian boxer.
  • Mohamed Hattab, Algerian politician.
  • Mohamed Mechkarini, Algerian militant.
  • Mohamed Missouri, Algerian boxer.
  • Mohamed Seghir Boushaki, Algerian politician.
  • Mohamed Seghir Ferradji, Algerian footballer.
  • Mokhtar Hasbellaoui, Algerian academician.
  • Mustapha Ishak Boushaki, Algerian academician.
  • Mustapha Toumi, Algerian songwriter.
  • Noureddine Melikechi, Algerian physicist.
  • Nubel, Berber leader.
  • Rabah Kheliff, Algerian military.
  • Rabah Rahmoune, Algerian politician.
  • Rachid Deriche, Algerian academician.
  • Rachid Mimouni, Algerian writer.
  • Rachid Nadji, Algerian footballer.
  • Ratiba Tariket, Algerian judokate.
  • Rezki Zerarti, Algerian artist.
  • Salah Bouchatal, Algerian politician.
  • Salem Anou, Algerian politician.
  • Salem Mouhamou, Algerian politician.
  • Smaïl Bouarous, Algerian marathon runner.
  • Soufiane Lahouassa, Algerian footballer.
  • Tarek Boushaki, Algerian academician.
  • Toufik Boushaki, Algerian academician.
  • Yahia Boushaki, Algerian politician.
  • Zinedine Ferhat, Algerian footballer.


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