List of earthquakes in Morocco

This is a list of significant earthquakes that either had their epicentres in Morocco or had a significant impact in the country.

Seismicity in Morocco

Northern Morocco lies close to the boundary between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate, the Azores–Gibraltar Transform Fault. This zone of right-lateral strike-slip becomes transpressional at its eastern end, with the development of large thrust faults. To the east of the Strait of Gibraltar, in the Alboran Sea the boundary becomes collisional in type. Most of the seismicity in Morocco is related to movement on that plate boundary, with the greatest seismic hazard in the north of the country close to the boundary.[1]


Date Region MMI Mag. Deaths Injuries Note Ref
2019-11-17 Drâa-Tafilalet VI 5.2 Mw Various houses damaged in Midelt [2]
2016-01-25 Al Hoceima V 6.3 Mw 1 15 Moderate damage [3]
2007-02-12 Portugal, Morocco 6.0 Mw Minor damage [4]
2004-02-24 Al Hoceima IX 6.3 Mw 628–631 926 Severe damage
1969-02-28 Portugal, Morocco VII 7.8 Mw 13 80 Moderate damage
1960-02-29 Agadir X 5.8 Mw 12,000–15,000 12,000 Extreme damage
1909-01-29 Tétouan 100 [5]
1761-03-31 Portugal, Morocco, Spain VII-IX 8.5 Ms Unknown Unknown Tsunami
1755-11-27 Meknes IX Nearly 10,000 Severe damage [1]
1755-11-01 Portugal, Morocco, Spain VII–VIII 8.5–9.0 Mw Several thousand Considerable damage / tsunami [1]
1624-05-11 Fez IX Several hundred Extreme damage [1]
1522-09-22 Fez VIII–IX Several hundred Severe damage [1]
Note: Only damaging, injurious, or deadly events should be recorded.

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