Banu Daws

The Banu Daws (Arabic: بنو دوس) was one of the clan of Arabia during Muhammad's era. Located south of Mecca, the contemporary Zahran tribe is related to Daws Tribe,[1] among its leaders Tufayl ibn Amr, one of Muhammad's companions.[2]

There are Islamic prophecies with regards to 'End-Times' that have quoted the tribe; like the following by Abu Hurairah:

Abu Hurairah said, I heard the Prophet say, The Hour will not come until the buttocks of the women of Daws move (quiver) whist going around Dhu l-Khalasah. Dhu l-Khalasah was an idol worshiped by the tribe of Daws during the Jahiliyyah. (Hadith from Bukhari.)


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