Banu Abdul Qays

The Banu Abdul Qays (Arabic: بنو عبد القيس) is an ancient Arabian tribe from the Rabi`ah branch of the North Arabian tribes. In pre-Islamic times, the Abd al-Qays frequently raided Iran.[1] When he became of age, Shapur II made it his first order of business to punish the Abd al-Qays.[1] He led an army across the Persian Gulf and devastated large parts of Eastern Arabia and Syria, slaughtering most of the Abd al-Qays on the way.[1] Later in his reign, Shapur moved many Abd al-Qays people to Kirman in Iran.[1]

Banu Abdul Qays
(Arabic: بنو عبد القيس)
Banu Rabi'ah, Adnanite
A family tree depicting the ancestry of the Banu Abdul Qays.
LocationEastern Arabia
Descended fromAbdul Qays ibn Qurayy ibn Afsa
ReligionChristianity, later Islam

During the Arab conquest of Iran, the Abd al-Qays migrated to Iran in large numbers and carried out extensive raids in southern Iran.[1] Sizable groups of them settled down in Tavvaz near Dalaki in Bushehr Province.[1] In the early 8th century, 4,000 Abd al-Qays warriors accompanied Qutayba ibn Muslim on his campaign into Khorasan in Iran.[1]

The Abd al-Qays were one of the inhabitants of the coast of Eastern Arabia, from al-Hasa to Oman including the Island of Bahrain.[1] There are many gaps and inconsistencies in the genealogies of Abd al-Qays in Bahrain, thus Baharna are probably descendants of an ethnically mixed population.[2]


Abd al-Qays were mostly Christians before the advent of Islam.

Remnants of the tribe


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