Banu Taym

Banū Taym (Arabic: بَنُو تَيْم; alternatively transliterated as Banu Taim or Banu Tahim) is a clan of the Quraishi tribe, descended from Fihr ibn Malik and Adnan.

Banū Taym
Arabic: بَنُو تَيْم
Qurayshi / Adnanite Arabs
Banner of Banu Taym
LocationWestern Arabian Peninsula, especially in Mecca (present-day Saudi Arabia)
Descended fromTaym ibn Murrah


The tribe descended from Taym ibn Murrah ibn Ka'b ibn Lu'ay ibn Ghalib ibn Fihr ibn Malik ibn An-Nadr ibn Kinanah (Arabic: تَيْم ٱبْن مُرَّة ٱبْن كَعْب ٱبْن لُؤَي ٱبْن غَالِب ٱبْن فِهْر ٱبْن مَالِك ٱبْن ٱلنَّضْر ٱبْن كِنَانَة). Taym was a member of the Quraysh al-Bitah (i.e. Qurayshis living near the Kaaba in Mecca), and an uncle of the Qurayshi chief Qusai ibn Kilab, who was a paternal ancestor of the Islamic Nabi (Prophet) Muhammad.[1]

The descendants of Banu Taym are nowadays widely expanded throughout the Arab World in different subclans.

Notable members

Family tree

Asma bint Adiy al-BariqiyyahMurrah ibn Ka'bHind bint Surayr ibn Tha'labah
Yaqazah ibn MurrahTaym ibn MurrahKilab ibn Murrah
Sa'd ibn Taym
Ka'b ibn Sa'd
'Amr ibn Ka'b
'Amir ibn 'AmrSakhar ibn 'Amr
Hind bint Nuqayd'Uthman Abu Quhafa ibn 'AmirSalma Umm al-Khair bint Sakhar
Umm Farwa
QuraybaAbu BakrMuataqMu'aytaq[6]Quhafa
Umm Amir

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