Banu Yashkur

The Banu Yashkur (Arabic: بنو يشكر) is an Arab tribe belonging to the larger Banu Bakr ibn Wa'il tribe. The tribe is originally from Al-Yamama and had control over this region in the pre-Islamic period.

Banu Yashkur
بني يشكر
Adnanite Arabs
Banner of Banu Yashkur
NisbaAl-Yashkuri (اليشكري)
LocationNajd, al-Yamama (in present-day Saudi Arabia)
Descended fromYashkur ibn Bakr ibn Wa'il
ReligionPagan and Christianity, later Islam


The tribe descended from Yashkur ibn Bakr ibn Wa'il ibn Qasit ibn Hanab ibn Afsa ibn Da'mi ibn Jadila ibn Asad ibn Rabi'a ibn Nizar ibn Ma'ad ibn Adnan.


Banu Yashkur practiced farming in al-Yamama. The tribe is said to have been of great power a few generations before the birth of Islam. Being the most dominant tribe among the Rabi'ah tribes, and was led by a man named al-Harith ibn 'Anaz ibn Ghanem. After Islam, the tribe became less prominent. Banu Yashkur participated in many battles and events, most notably the Battle of Siffin.

Notable members


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