Banu Dhubyan

Dhubyan or Banu Dhubyan (Arabic بنو ذبيان) are an Arabian tribe of Ghatafan branch, one of the Adnani branches. Banu Dhubyan inhabited the Hijaz region and were mostly Christian.

The Banu Dhubyān
(Arabic: بنو ذبيان)
Ghatafani Arab tribe
Descended fromDhubyān ibn Baghīd ibn Rayth ibn Ghaṭafān ibn Saʾd ibn Qays ʿAylān ibn Mudar ibn Nizar ibn Ma'add ibn Adnan.
Parent tribeGhatafan
BranchesBanu Fazara
Banu Murra
Banu Tha’laba
ReligionChristianism (pre 630s)
Islam (post 630s)

Influential people of Dhubyan

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