Banu Jadhimah

Banu Jadhimah (Arabic: بنو جذيمة) was one of the Arabian tribes that interacted with Muhammad. It was "of Ta'if" and it is a branch of Banu Kinanah which is the mother tribe of Quraysh, the tribe of Mohammed


They are the descendants of Jodhaimah ibn Aamir ibn Abdumanat ibn Kinanah ibn ("son of") Khuzaimah ibn Madrakah ibn Ilyas ( Elijah) ibn Madher ibn Nazar ibn Ma'ad ibn Adnan ibn Add ibn Send ibn Napyot ibn Ishmael ibn Abraham ibn Azar (Terah) ibn Nahoor ibn Srooj ibn Ra'o ibn Phaleg ibn Aber ibn Shaleh ibn Arpheckshad ibn Sam ibn Noah ibn Lamek ibn Motoshaleh ibn Edres (Enoch) ibn Yared ibn Mehlaiel ibn Qenan ibn Anosh ibn Sheeth ibn Adam.

Some men from Banu Jadhimah had killed Al-Fakih Ibn Al-Mughirah Al-Makhzumi, uncle of Khalid ibn al-Walid, and Awf Ibn Abd-Awf, father of Abdul Rahman, before the conquest of Mecca.

When Khalid led an expedition against the Banu Jadhimah, he persuaded them to disarm by acknowledging that they had become Muslims, and then killed some of them. When Muhammad heard of this, he declared to God that he was innocent of what Khalid had done, and sent Ali ibn Abi Talib to pay the survivors compensation to this Kinani tribe.


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