Banu Sa'ida

The Banu Sa'ida (Arabic: بنو ساعدة, romanized: Banu Sā'idah) was a clan of the Banu Khazraj tribe of Medina in the era of Muhammad.[1] The tribe's full name was the Banu Sa'ida ibn Ka'b ibn al-Khazraj.[2]

Prior to their conversion, most members of the clan worshiped idols, which were destroyed after the advent of Islam.[3] Their Jewish allies or clients are mentioned in the Constitution of Medina.[4][5]

Sa'd ibn Ubadah of the Banu Sa'ida gained prominence and influence among the Ansar, who gathered to pledge allegiance to him following the death of Muhammad.[6][7] This gathering, hosted at the clan's saqifah, resulted in Abu Bakr being named the first caliph of the Rashidun caliphate.[8]


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