List of research stations in the Arctic

A number of governments maintain permanent research stations in the Arctic. Also known as Arctic bases, polar stations or ice stations, these bases are widely distributed across the northern Polar region of the earth.

Location of some of the major research stations in the Arctic

Historically few research stations have been permanent. Most of them were temporary, being abandoned after the completion of the project or owing to lack of funding to continue the research. Some of these facilities are constructed on land or on ice that rests on land, while others are drifting ice stations built on the sea ice of the high latitudes of the Arctic Ocean.[1]

Research stations

Abisko Scientific Research StationAbisko Sweden1903Active
Adam Mickiewicz University Polar StationPetuniabukta, Svalbard, Norway Poland2011Active
Alomar Observatory[2]Andøya Space Center, Andøya, Svalbard Norway1994Active
Arctic Yellow River StationNy-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway China2003Active
AWIPEV Arctic Research StationNy-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway France
Barrow Observatory[3]Point Barrow, Alaska United States1973Active
Begichev Polar StationMaly Begichev Island, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Polar Station[4]Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island. Yakutia Soviet Union
BrønlundhusPeary Land, Greenland Denmark1947Transformed into a museum
Buor-Khaya Polar Station[5]Buor-Khaya Gulf, Yakutia Soviet Union
Canadian High Arctic Research Station[6] (CHARS) campusCambridge Bay, Nunavut CanadaTBAActive
Centrumsø Research StationCentrum Lake, Greenland Denmark1954Abandoned
Chelyuskin Polar Station[7]Cape Chelyuskin, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Chetyrokhstolbovoy Polar Station[8]Medvezhyi Islands, Yakutia Soviet Union
Churchill Northern Studies Centre[9] (CNSC)Churchill, Manitoba Canada1976Active
DaneborgWollaston Foreland, Greenland Denmark1944NA
DanmarkshavnDove Bay, Greenland Denmark1906Active
Dirigibile Italia Arctic StationNy-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway Italy1997Active
Dr. Neil Trivett Global Atmosphere Watch ObservatoryAlert, Nunavut Canada1986Active
Dye 3Four different locations in southern Greenland United States19711991
Ernst Krenkel ObservatoryHeiss Island, Arkhangelsk Oblast Soviet Union19561980
Flashline Mars Arctic Research StationDevon Island, Nunavut Canada2001Active
Golomyanniy Island Polar Station[10][11]Sredniy Island, off Severnaya Zemlya Soviet Union
Heiberg Polar Station[12]Heiberg Islands, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Himadri[13]Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway India2008Active
Igloolik Research Centre[14]Igloolik, Nunavut Canada1975Active
IndARC[15]Kongsfjorden, Svalbard, Norway India2014Active
International Biological Station Lena-Nordenskiöld[16]Tiksi, Yakutia Russia1995Active
Iqaluit Research Centre[17][18]Iqaluit, Nunavut Canada1978Active
Isachsen StationEllef Ringnes Island, Nunavut Canada19481978
Izluchin Polar StationKomsomolets Island, Severnaya Zemlya, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Kevo Research Station[19]Kevo Finland1958Active
Kap Harald MoltkePeary Land, Greenland Denmark1972NA
Kigilyakh Research Station[20]Kigilyakh Peninsula, Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island, New Siberian Islands Soviet Union
Kilpisjärvi Biological Station[21][22]Kilpisjärvi Finland1964Active
Kiruna ObservatoryKiruna SwedenNANA
Kluane Lake Research Station[23]Kluane Lake, Yukon Canada1961Active
Koldewey Station (de) Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway  Germany 1991 Active, part of APIWEV station
Kolyuchin Polar StationKolyuchin Island, Chukotka Soviet Union
NAAbandoned in the 1990s
Labytnangi Ecological Research Station[24]Labytnangi, Yamalo-Nenets Soviet Union
Lavrentiya Research StationLavrentiya, Chukotka Soviet Union
McGill Arctic Research Station[25]Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut Canada1960Active
MestersvigScoresby Land, Greenland Denmark1956Active
Mývatn Research StationMývatn Iceland1975Active
NEEM CampNorthern Greenland ice sheet, Greenland Denmark20082015
Netherlands Arctic Station, Univ Groningen[26]Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway Netherlands1995active
Nicolaus Copernicus University Polar StationKaffiøyra, Svalbard, Norway Poland1975Active
Station NordPrincess Ingeborg Peninsula, Greenland Denmark1952Active
North IceNorthern Greenland ice sheet, Greenland United Kingdom19521954
Northeast Science Station[27]Chersky, Yakutia Soviet Union
Ny-Ålesund[28]Spitsbergen, Svalbard Norway1967Active
Peschanny Polar StationCape Unslicht, Bolshevik Island, Severnaya Zemlya Soviet Union
Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory[29][30] (PEARL)Eureka, Nunavut Canada1993Active
Polish Polar StationHornsund, Svalbard, Norway Poland1957Active
Popov Polar Station[31]Bely Island, Yamalo-Nenets Soviet Union
November 1, 1933March 2001
Preobrazheniya Polar StationPreobrazheniya Island, Yakutia Soviet Union
Prima Polar Station[32]Cape Baranov, Bolshevik Island, Severnaya Zemlya Soviet Union
Provideniya Research StationProvideniya, Chukotka Soviet Union
Resolute Nunavut Station[33]Resolute, Nunavut Canada1947NA
Russky Island Arctic Station[34]Russky Island, Nordenskiöld Archipelago, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Samoylov Station[35]Lena Delta Wildlife Reserve, Yakutia Russia1998Active
Samuila Polar StationSamuila Island, Komsomolskaya Pravda Islands, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Sermilik StationAmmassalik Island, Greenland Denmark1970Active
Sodankylä Arctic Research Centre[36]Sodankylä FinlandNANA
Solnechny Polar Station[37]Solnechny Bay, Bolshevik Island, Severnaya Zemlya Soviet Union
Stanisław Baranowski Spitsbergen Polar StationWerenskioldbreen, Svalbard, Norway Poland1971Active
Stolbovoy Meteorological Station[38]Stolbovoy Island, Yakutia Soviet Union
Summit Station Near summit of the Greenland ice sheet, Greenland United StatesApril 1989Active
Thule Research Station[39]Pituffik, Greenland Denmark1995Active
Toolik Field Station[40]Toolik Lake, Alaska United States1975Active
Troynoy Island Polar Station[41]Izvestiy TSIK Islands, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Tuktoyaktuk Station[42]Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories CanadaNA1997
Tundra Ecosystem Research Station[43][44] (TERS)Daring Lake, Northwest Territories Canada1994Active
Tyrtov Island Polar StationTyrtov Island, Nordenskiöld Archipelago, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union19401975
Uedineniya Polar StationUyedineniya Island, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
University of Copenhagen Arctic StationQeqertarsuaq, Greenland Denmark1906Active
Ushakov Island Polar StationUshakov Island, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union19541980s
Vavilov Meteorological Station[45]October Revolution Island, Severnaya Zemlya Soviet Union19741988
Vize Island Arctic Research StationVize Island, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
November 1, 1945NA
Ward Hunt Island Observatory Research Station[46]Ward Hunt Island, Nunavut Canada1957Active
Western Arctic Research Centre[47]Inuvik, Northwest Territories Canada[48]1964Active
Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik Research Complex[49]Whapmagoostui, Quebec Canada1971Active
White Sea Biological Station[50] (WSBS MSU)Chupa, Republic of Karelia Soviet Union
Willem Barents Biological Station[51]Meduza Bay, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Wrangel Island Cape Blossom Station[52]Cape Blossom, Wrangel Island, Chukotka Soviet Union
Wrangel Island Ushakovskoye Station[53]Ushakovskoye, Wrangel Island, Chukotka Soviet Union
Yenisei Ecological Station[54]Mirnoye, Turukhansky District, Krasnoyarsk Krai Soviet Union
Villum Research Station[55]Station Nord, North Greenland Denmark1990Active
Zackenberg StationWollaston Foreland, Greenland Denmark1997Active
ZeppelinZeppelinfjellet, Svalbard Norway1990Active

Drifting ice stations

Station name Head of the first shift Drift dates Drift coordinates Distance (km)
Began Ended Start Finish
North Pole-1I.D.PapaninMay 21, 1937February 19, 193889°25′N 78°40′W70°40′N 19°16′W2,850
North Pole-2M.M.SomovApril 2, 1950April 11, 195176°03′N 166°36′W81°44′N 163°48′W2,600
North Pole-3A.F.TrioshnikovApril 4, 1954April 20, 195585°58′N 175°00′W86°00′N 24°00′W1,865
North Pole-4E.I.TolstikovApril 8, 1954April 19, 195775°48′N 178°25′W85°52′N 00°00′W6,970
North Pole-5N.A.VolkovApril 21, 1955October 8, 195682°10′N 156°51′E84°18′N 63°20′E3,630
North Pole-6K.A.SychevApril 19, 1956September 14, 195974°24′N 177°04′W82°06′N 03°56′E8,650
North Pole-7V.A.VedernikovApril 23, 1957April 11, 195982°06′N 164°11′W85°14′N 33°03′W3,520
North Pole-8V.M.RogachyovApril 27, 1959March 19, 196276°11′N 164°24′W83°15′N 132°30′W6,090
North Pole-9V.A.ShamontyevApril 26, 1960March 28, 196177°23′N 163°00′E86°36′N 76°00′W2,660
North Pole-10N.A.KornilovOctober 17, 1961April 29, 196475°27′N 177°10′E88°32′N 90°30′E3,960
North Pole-11N.N.BryazginApril 16, 1962April 20, 196377°10′N 165°58′W81°10′N 139°34′W2,400
North Pole-12L.N.BelyakovApril 30, 1963April 25, 196576°50′N 165°34′W81°06′N 145°47′W1,595
North Pole-13A.Ya. BuzuyevApril 22, 1964April 20, 196773°55′N 161°19′W87°55′N 03°32′E3,545
North Pole-14Yu. B.KonstantinovMay 1, 1965February 12, 196672°42′N 175°25′W76°59′N 154°49′E1,040
North Pole-15V.V.PanovApril 15, 1966March 25, 196878°49′N 168°08′E85°45′N 10°30′W2,330
North Pole-16Yu. B.KonstantinovApril 10, 1968March 22, 197275°31′N 172°00′W86°00′N 85°27′W5,850
North Pole-17N.I.BlinovApril 18, 1968October 16, 196980°30′N 165°26′E86°48′N 25°20′E1,750
North Pole-18N.N.OvchinnikovOctober 9, 1969October 24, 197175°10′N 165°02′W86°06′N 153°51′E5,240
North Pole-19A.N.ChilingarovNovember 7, 1969April 16, 197374°54′N 160°13′E83°08′N 16°17′E6,705
North Pole-20Yu. P.TikhonovApril 22, 1970May 17, 197275°56′N 175°22′E81°44′N 166°47′W3,780
North Pole-21G.I.KizinoApril 30, 1972May 17, 197474°06′N 178°15′E86°16′N 143°35′E3,605
North Pole-22V.G.MorozSeptember 13, 1973April 8, 198276°16′N 168°31′W86°10′N 00°00′W17,069
North Pole-23V.M.PiguzovDecember 5, 1975November 1, 197873°51′N 178°25′W87°40′N 22°31′W5,786
North Pole-24I.K.PopovJune 23, 1978November 19, 198076°45′N 163°00′E86°03′N 29°40′E5,652
North Pole-25V.S.SidorovMay 16, 1981April 20, 198475°01′N 168°35′E85°50′N 122°15′W5,754
North Pole-26V.S.SidorovMay 21, 1983April 9, 198678°30′N 174°46′E82°46′N 170°31′W5,380
North Pole-27Yu. P.TikhonovJune 2, 1984May 20, 198778°31′N 160°30′E86°28′N 09°02′W5,655
North Pole-28A.F.ChernyshovMay 21, 1986January 23, 198980°40′N 168°29′E79°40′N 03°09′E7,634
North Pole-29V.V.LukinJune 10, 1987August 19, 198880°22.8′N 112°59′E84°42.8′N 56°34.3′W2,686
North Pole-30V.M.PiguzovOctober 9, 1987April 4, 199174°18′N 171°24′W82°31′N 126°26′W7,675
North Pole-31V.S.SidorovOctober 22, 1988July 25, 199176°35′N 153°10′W73°33′N 161°04′W5,475
North Pole-32V.S.KoshelevApril 25, 2003March 6, 200487°52.5′N 148°03′E84°41′N 03°33′W2,418
North Pole-33A.A.VishnevskySeptember 9, 2004October 5, 200585°05′N 156°31′E86°14′N 95°54′E3,156
North Pole-34T.V.PetrovskySeptember 19, 2005May 25, 200685°39′N 115°19′E87°26′N 07°39′E2,032
North Pole-35Vladimir Chupun[56] September 21, 2007July 22, 200881°30′N 103°54′E81°00′N 31°18′E3,614
North Pole-36Yuri KatrayevSeptember 7, 2008August 24, 200982°32′N 144°56′E85°53′N 26°41′W2,905
North Pole-37Sergey LesenkovSeptember 7, 2009May 31, 201081°28′N 164°35′W80°04′N 140°40′W2,076
North Pole-38Tomash PetrovskiyOctober 14, 2010September 20, 201176°07′N 176°32′W83°53′N 154°18′W3,024
North Pole-39Alexander IpatovOctober 2, 2011September 15, 201284°10′N 148°49′W83°57′N 96°44′W1,885
North Pole-40Nikolai FomichevOctober 1, 2012June 7, 201385°21′N 142°53′W82°25′N 130°25′W1,736
North Pole-2015Dmitrij MamadalievApril 11, 2015August 9, 2015

89°34′N 17°08′W

86°15′N 07°52′W714
Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC Expedition)Markus RexSeptember 27, 2019August or September, 2020NANANA

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