Mozabite language

Mozabite, or Tumẓabt, is a Zenati Berber language spoken by the Mozabites, an Ibadi Berber group inhabiting the seven cities of the M'zab natural region in the northern Saharan Algeria. It is also spoken by small numbers of Mozabite emigrants in other local cities and elsewhere. Mozabite is one of the Mzab–Wargla languages, a dialect cluster of the Zenati languages. It is very closely related to the nearby Berber languages of Ouargla and Oued Righ as well as the more distant Gourara.

Native toAlgeria
RegionM'zab (wilaya of Ghardaïa)
Native speakers
150,000 (2010)[1]
Arabic alphabet, Tifinagh, Berber Latin alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3mzb
Berber-speaking areas of the Mzab, Ouargla, and Oued Righ


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