Lalla Khedidja

Lalla Khedidja or (Arabic: لالة خديجة, Kabylian: Tamgut Aâlayen or Azeru Amghur), is a mountain in Algeria. At 2,308 metres (7,572 ft), it is the highest summit of the Djurdjura Range, a subrange of the Tell Atlas.

Lalla Khedidja
Tamgut Aâlayen / لالة خديجة
Djurjura range with Lalla Khedidja at left
Highest point
Elevation2,308 m (7,572 ft)[1]
Prominence1,720 m (5,640 ft)[1]
Coordinates36°26′51″N 04°13′42″E[1]
Lalla Khedidja
Parent rangeDjurdjura Range, Tell Atlas


This peak is located in the Akouker subrange of the eastern part of the Djurjura Range. It is also the highest point of the Tell Atlas itself, which is in turn part of the wider Atlas Mountain System.[2] The Lalla Khedidja is usually covered in snow in the winter.

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Panoramic view

Panorama of the Akouker subrange with the Lalla-Khedidja in the middle
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