Ksour Range

The Ksour Range or Kçour Range (Arabic: جبال القصور, French: Monts des Ksour or Djebel Ksour) is a mountain range in Algeria. Stretching across the provinces of Béchar and El Bayadh, it is the westernmost range of the Saharan Atlas, with the Amour Range further east.[2]

Ksour Range
جبال القصور
View of the Ksour Range from near Ain Sefra
Highest point
PeakMount Issa
Elevation2,236 m (7,336 ft)
Coordinates32°52′0″N 0°29′0″E[1]
Ksour Range
CountriesAlgeria and Morocco
Parent rangeSaharan Atlas


The range extends between Figuig Province in the Oriental Region of Morocco near the Moroccan/Algerian border and El Bayadh municipality in Algeria.[3] The range pattern continues westwards as the High Atlas. The highest summit of the range is 2,236 m high Mount Issa or Djebel Aïssa (جبل عيسى).

Rock art

Neolithic art, in the form of engraved stones representing horses, elephants and other animals, is found in different caves and walls throughout the range (such as at Thyout).[4]

Protected areas

The Djebel Aissa National Park is a protected area within the limits of the mountain range since 2003.[5]


Western foothills of the Ksour Range near Figuig
Neolithic rock engravings near Ain Sefra.
Street in El Abiodh Sidi Cheikh, a town located below the southern slopes of the range.

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