The Beni-Chougrane Range (Arabic: جبال بني شقران, French: Monts des Beni-Chougrane) is a mountain range in the northwest of Algeria, part of the Atlas Mountain System.

Beni-Chougrane Range
جبال بني شقران
View of the range from Sig, 1973
Highest point
Elevation932 m (3,058 ft)
Coordinates35°30′0″N 0°13′0″E[1]
Area1,618 km2 (625 sq mi)
Beni-Chougrane Range
Parent rangeTell Atlas
OrogenyAlpine orogeny
Type of rockLimestone, clay
View from Mohammadia, 2007.


The mountains of Beni-Chougrane belong to the Tell Atlas chain located between the Plain of Habra-Sig in the north and the Plain of Ghriss in the south.[2] They are characterized by a Mediterranean climate and a semi-arid terrain, which promotes erosion. The range's average altitude is 700 m and rises to 932 m in the vicinity of El Bordj.

Several dams are located in the mountain range. as well as rich plains and major wadis such as El Hammam and Fergoug. The area is currently undergoing reforestation.[3] The total area is 1618 km2 or 32% of the area of Mascara wilaya.

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