Mount Tahat

Mount Tahat (Arabic: جبل تاهات) is the highest mountain peak in Algeria. It sits at an elevation of 2,908 metres (9,541 ft).[4][5] Other sources indicate an elevation of 3,003 metres (9,852 ft).[6] Tahat is also the highest peak in the Hoggar Mountains. Its nearest city is Tamanrasset which is located 56 km to the south.

Mount Tahat
Highest point
Elevation3,003 m (9,852 ft)[1]
Prominence2,328 m (7,638 ft)[2][3]
ListingCountry high point
List of mountains in Algeria
Coordinates23°17′20″N 5°32′01″E[3]
Native nameجبل تاهات  (Arabic)
Mount Tahat
Location in Algeria
Parent rangeHoggar Mountains
First ascent1931

Mount Tahat is of volcanic origin. It is located in an arid, rocky high plateau area of the central Sahara Desert. The Tuareg inhabit this region. To the north lie the Tassili n'Ajjer mountains, which contain cave paintings dating from a period between 8000 and 2000 BC. The rock art is pastoral, showing cattle breeding and hunting of animals that are today exclusively found in the southern Sahara's climate.

Mount Tahat, Algeria


Mount Tahat Virtual Aerial Video

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