List of mountains in Algeria

This is a list of mountains in the country of Algeria.

Name Range Photograph Height Observations
Azao Tassili n'Ajjer 2,158 metres (7,080 ft)
Bou Zizi Edough Massif (Tell Atlas) 1,008 metres (3,307 ft)
Chélia Aurès Mountains (Saharan Atlas) 2,328 metres (7,638 ft) Highest point of Saharan Atlas
Choukchout Bibans (Tellian Atlas) 1,832 metres (6,010 ft)
Djebel Aïssa Ksour Range, (Saharan Atlas) 2,236 metres (7,336 ft)
Djebel Fellaoucen Tlemcen Mountains, (Tellian Atlas) 1,136 metres (3,727 ft)
Djebel Tenouchfi Tlemcen Mountains, (Tellian Atlas) 1,843 metres (6,047 ft)
Garet el Djenoun Teffedest Mountains 2,327 metres (7,635 ft)
Guern Arif Amour Range (Saharan Atlas) 1,721 metres (5,646 ft)
In Akoulmou Teffedest Mountains 2,359 metres (7,740 ft)
Kef Siga Ouarsenis Range (Tellian Atlas) 1,784 metres (5,853 ft)
Lalla Khedidja Djurdjura (Tellian Atlas) 2,308 metres (7,572 ft) Highest point of the Tell Atlas
Mansoura Bibans (Tellian Atlas) 1,862 metres (6,109 ft)
Mount Babor Babor Range (Tellian Atlas) 2,004 metres (6,575 ft)
Pic des Singes Tell Atlas 0,400 metres (1,300 ft)
Ras El Braret Ouarsenis Range (Tellian Atlas) 1,787 metres (5,863 ft)
Rond Point des Cèdres Ouarsenis Range (Tellian Atlas) 1,461 metres (4,793 ft)
Sidi Amar Ouarsenis Range (Tellian Atlas) 1,985 metres (6,512 ft)
Tahat Hoggar 2,908 metres (9,541 ft) Highest point in Algeria
Tessala Tessala Range (Tellian Atlas) 1,061 metres (3,481 ft)
Valva Ancient name for mountain in Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis
Zaccar Dahra Range (Tellian Atlas) 1,550 metres (5,090 ft)

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