Abdallah of Morocco

Moulay Abdallah (also spelt Mulay Abdallah or Abdellah), known fully as Sultan 'Abu Abbas Mulay 'Abdu'llah bin Ismail as-Samin (1694 – 10 November 1757) was the Sultan of Morocco in the years 1729–1734, 1736, 1740–1741, 1741–1742, 1743–1747 and 1748–1757.[1]

Moulay Abdallah
Sultan of Morocco
Reign1729 – 1734
PredecessorAbu'l Abbas Ahmad II
SuccessorMohammed II
Died10 November 1757
Dar Debibagh
HouseAlaouite dynasty
FatherIsmail Ibn Sharif

He was born after 1678 as a son of Ismail Ibn Sharif. He ascended the throne numerous times, fighting his brothers. Proclaimed respectively 5 March 1729 (deposed 28 September 1734), 14 February/23 May 1736 (deposed again 8 August 1736), February 1740, (deposed again on 13 June 1741), 24 November 1741 (deposed once more on 3 February 1742), May 1743 (deposed 1747) October 1748. He died on 10 November 1757 at Dar Debibagh, a fortified palace he built in 1729.[2]

After his death he was buried in the royal necropolis of the Moulay Abdallah Mosque which he had built in Fes el-Jdid.[3]


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Preceded by
Abu'l Abbas Ahmad II
Sultan of Morocco
Succeeded by
Ali of Morocco
Preceded by
Ali of Morocco
Sultan of Morocco
Succeeded by
Mohammed II of Morocco
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