Abu Abd Allah al-Burtuqali Muhammad ibn Muhammad

Muhammad al-Burtuqali, Muhammad al-Burtuqali, (full name Abu Abd Allah al-Burtuqali Muhammad ibn Muhammad, Arabic : أبو عبد الله محمد البرتقالي) succeeded his father Abu Abd Allah al-Sheikh Muhammad ibn Yahya to become the second Wattasid Sultan in 1504. He died in 1526 and was succeeded by his son Abu al-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad.

Muhammad al-Burtuqali or Muhammad al-Bortogali
Silver coins minted during the reign of Muhammad al-Burtuqali
SuccessorAbu al-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad
FatherAbu Abd Allah al-Sheikh Muhammad ibn Yahya
ReligionSunni Islam

Muhammad al-Burtuqali earned the nickname of Al-Bortogali after being held as a hostage for seven years by the Portuguese.[1]

Sultan Muhammad al-Burtughali was the sultan that sent Leo Africanus and his uncle on a mission to Timbuktu. This journey gave Leo Africanus material for the Description of Africa.[2]


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Preceded by
Abu Abd Allah al-Sheikh Muhammad ibn Yahya
Wattasid dynasty
Succeeded by
Abu al-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad

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