Yahya ibn Muhammad

Yahya ibn Muhammad (Arabic: يحيى بن محمد) was the fifth Idrisid ruler and sultan of Morocco.[1]

Yahya I
يحيى الأول
Ruler of Morocco
PredecessorAli ibn Muhammad
SuccessorYahya II ibn Yahya
FatherMuhammad ibn Idris
ReligionZaydi Shia Islam

A son of the previous sultan, Muhammad ibn Idris, he took over the rule in Morocco after the death of his heirless uncle Ali I in 848. During his rule, which saw no significant conflicts, he settled in Fes with numerous immigrants from Al-Andalus and Ifriqiya, which had been expelled after revolting against the Umayyad and Aghlabids respectively. He also commissioned several construction projects in the city, including the mosques of Al-Karaouine and of al-Andalus (859).

He died in 864, aged around 35. He was succeeded by his son Yahya II ibn Yahya.


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Preceded by
Ali I
Idrisid dynasty
Succeeded by
Yahya II

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