Mohammed esh-Sheikh es-Seghir

Mohammed esh Sheikh es Seghir (? – 30 January 1655) was the sultan of Morocco from 1636 to 1655.

Mohammed esh-Sheikh es-Seghir
Sultan of Morocco
Mohammed esh Sheikh es Seghir, by Adriaen Matham, 1640
Reign1636 – 1655
Died30 January 1655
SpouseAl Walid ben Zidan
IssueAhmad al-Abbas

He was a son of sultan Zidan al-Nasir (r. 1603–1627).

His mother was a Spanish slave and he had two Spanish wives, which may have led to him to continue the long-time services of royal advisor Moses Pallache, nephew of Samuel Pallache of the Pallache family.[1]

His portrait can be found in an engraving of Marrakesh by Adriaen Matham in 1640, made on the occasion of a visit by the ambassador of the Netherlands to the sultan.

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Preceded by
Al Walid ben Zidan
Sultan of Morocco
Succeeded by
Ahmad al-Abbas

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