Al Haouz Province

Al Haouz (Arabic: إقليم الحوز) is a province in the Moroccan economic region of Marrakesh-Safi. Its population in 2004 was 484,312.[1]

Al Haouz

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إقليم الحوز
Location in Morocco
Coordinates: 31°21′N 7°57′W
Country Morocco
  GovernorTouimi Omar
Time zoneUTC+0 (WET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+1 (WEST)

The major cities and towns are:[2]


The province is divided administratively into the following:[1]

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2004)Foreign populationMoroccan populationNotes
Ait Ourir041.01.01.Municipality3767200051319992
Abadou041.03.01.Rural commune1490990509905
Ait Aadel041.03.03.Rural commune934696706967
Ait Faska041.03.05.Rural commune332719239019239
Ait Hkim Ait Yzid041.03.07.Rural commune1027811208112
Ait Sidi Daoud041.03.09.Rural commune335319286019286
Ghmate041.03.11.Rural commune3752228052122784867 residents live in the center, called Ghmate; 21938 residents live in rural areas.
Iguerferouane041.03.13.Rural commune180412454012454
Sidi Abdallah Ghiat041.03.15.Rural commune3544206492120628986 residents live in the center, called Sidi Abdallah Ghiat; 19663 residents live in rural areas.
Tamaguert041.03.17.Rural commune180510325010325
Tamazouzte041.03.19.Rural commune194312245012245
Tazart041.03.21.Rural commune229214583914574
Tidili Mesfioua041.03.23.Rural commune349921106021106
Tighedouine041.03.25.Rural commune314322353322350
Touama041.03.27.Rural commune205511458211456
Zerkten041.03.29.Rural commune282619154119153
Amghras041.05.01.Rural commune760422204222
Amizmiz041.05.03.Rural commune299713711181369310783 residents live in the center, called Amizmiz; 2928 residents live in rural areas.
Anougal041.05.05.Rural commune750417304173
Azgour041.05.07.Rural commune1187631406314
Dar Jamaa041.05.09.Rural commune1132576205762
Lalla Takarkoust041.05.11.Rural commune125160061159953348 residents live in the center, called Lalla Takarkoust; 2658 residents live in rural areas.
Ouazguita041.05.13.Rural commune1079613306133
Oulad Mtaa041.05.15.Rural commune1065555705557
Sidi Badhaj041.05.17.Rural commune1253654006540
Tizguine041.05.19.Rural commune812388903889
Aghbar041.07.01.Rural commune823460804608
Asni041.07.03.Rural commune293018674518669
Ighil041.07.05.Rural commune858561905619
Ijoukak041.07.07.Rural commune1100664106641
Imgdal041.07.09.Rural commune1044553705537
Ouirgane041.07.11.Rural commune1281691666910
Talat N'Yaaqoub041.07.13.Rural commune1494770207702
Moulay Brahim, Morocco041.09.01.Rural commune1971109790109793273 residents live in the center, called My Brahim; 7706 residents live in rural areas.
Oukaimden041.09.03.Rural commune655444014439
Ourika041.09.05.Rural commune477726990526985
Sti Fadma041.09.07.Rural commune350322283322280
Tahannaout041.09.09.Rural commune52582956213295496585 residents live in the center, called Tahannaout; 22977 residents live in rural areas.
Tameslohte041.09.11.Rural commune41462140823213856346 residents live in the center, called Tameslouht; 15062 residents live in rural areas.


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