Béni-Mellal Province

Béni-Mellal is a province in the Moroccan region of Béni Mellal-Khénifra. Its population in 2004 was 946,018.


Béni Mellal Province is located in the Atlas Mountains with a plateau situated 400 to 600 meters above sea level, as well as mountains rising to 2,460 meters (Mount Ighnayen) and 2,240 meters (Mount Tassemit). The high mountains are covered with snow from November to April.

Beni Mellal Province has a continental climate with rainfall varying between 350 and 650 mm depending on the year. November is the rainiest month, with almost 25% of the annual precipitation. Snow is not uncommon on the plateau in winter. Extreme temperatures on the plateau range from a -6 °C in January 2005 to a 47 °C in July 2007. The summer is normally very hot because of the burning easterly or southeasterly winds, known as chergui, which blow off the Sahara and raise the temperature above 40 °C. The heat waves sometimes end in violent thunderstorms.


The major cities and towns are:

Other towns and settlements include:


The province is divided administratively into the following:[1]

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2004)Foreign populationMoroccan populationNotes
Beni Mellal091.01.01.Municipality34959163286113163173
El Ksiba091.01.03.Municipality441218481318478
Kasba Tadla091.01.07.Municipality8858408984040858
Zaouiat Cheikh091.01.13.Municipality537822728122727
Foum Oudi091.03.01.Rural commune1404780207802
Oulad Gnaou091.03.03.Rural commune196111256011256
Oulad M'Barek091.03.05.Rural commune31931757821757611906 residents live in the center, called Oulad M Barek; 5672 residents live in rural areas.
Oulad Yaich091.03.07.Rural commune4993277730277737692 residents live in the center, called Oulad Yaich; 20081 residents live in rural areas.
Sidi Jaber091.03.09.Rural commune3397186780186784693 residents live in the center, called Sidi Jaber; 13985 residents live in rural areas.
Aghbala091.07.01.Rural commune2574124000124006300 residents live in the center, called Aghbala; 6100 residents live in rural areas.
Ait Oum El Bekht091.07.03.Rural commune1807989309893
Boutferda091.07.05.Rural commune1020633306333
Dir El Ksiba091.07.07.Rural commune362619130119129
Foum El Anceur091.07.09.Rural commune259013795013795
Naour091.07.11.Rural commune1093643306433
Taghzirt091.07.13.Rural commune371218942118941
Tanougha091.07.15.Rural commune209310874010874
Tizi N'Isly091.07.17.Rural commune180610060010060
Guettaya091.11.01.Rural commune260314621114620
Oulad Youssef091.11.03.Rural commune213812804112803
Oulad Said L'Oued091.11.05.Rural commune231913618013618
Semguet091.11.07.Rural commune203511122011122


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