Kénitra Province

Kenitra Province (Arabic: إقليم القنيطرة) is a province in the Moroccan economic region of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra. Its population in 2014 is 1,067,435.[1] It covers 3,052 square kilometers.[2]

Kenitra Province

إقليم القنيطرة
Administrative headquartersKenitra
  Total3,052 km2 (1,178 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+0 (WET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+1 (WEST)

The major cities and towns are:


The province is divided administratively into the following:[1]

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2014)Foreign populationMoroccan populationNotes
Souk El Arbaa281.01.11.Municipality14,26869,2652869,237
Ameur Seflia281.03.01.Rural commune4,88228,540528,535
Haddada281.03.05.Rural commune2,75815,898315,895
Mnasra281.05.07.Rural commune5,36034,429234,427
Oulad Slama281.03.11.Rural commune3,13519,4881119,477
Sidi Taibi281.03.13.Rural commune11,51853,449753,442
Ben Mansour281.05.03.Rural commune6,69843,822443,818
Mograne281.05.09.Rural commune5,26031,292231,290
Arbaoua281.07.01.Rural commune6,02332,690032,6903,050 residents live in the center, called Arbaoua; 29,640 live in rural areas.
Beni Malek281.07.03.Rural commune4,30626,098226,096
Kariat Ben Aouda281.07.05.Rural commune1,92411,087111,086
Oued El Makhazine281.07.07.Rural commune1,6067,26607,266
Bahhara Oulad Ayad281.09.01.Rural commune5,29731,860031,860
Sidi Allal Tazi281.09.09.Rural commune3,09818,055018,0554,870 residents live in the center, called Sidi Allal Tazi; 13,185 live in rural areas.
Sidi Mohamed Lahmar281.09.13.Rural commune6,35842,6373342,634
Souk Tlet El Gharb281.09.15.Rural commune3,61422,554322,551
Chouafaa281.11.03.Rural commune3,07218,436218,432
Lalla Mimouna281.11.05.Rural commune5,30929,47902,47915,767 residents live in the center, called Lalla Mimouna; 13,712 residents live in rural areas.
Moulay Bousselham281.11.07.Rural commune5,02626,6086326,5457,372 residents live in the center, called Moulay Bousselham; 19,236 live in rural areas.
Sidi Boubker El Haj281.11.11.Rural commune3,14919,3271319,314


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