Berrechid Province

Berrechid Province (Arabic: إقليم برشيد) is a province of Morocco in the Casablanca-Settat Region. The province had a population of 484,518 people in 2014.[2]

Berrechid Province

إقليم برشيد
Country Morocco
  Total2,530 km2 (980 sq mi)

Administrative divisions

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2004)Foreign populationMoroccan populationNotes
El Gara461.01.07.Municipality373718070118069
Oulad Abbou461.01.11.Municipality196610748210746
Sidi Rahal Chatai461.05.31.Municipality4124224261522411
Ben Maachou461.05.01.Rural commune1546868008680
Laghnimyine461.05.11.Rural commune245016191016191
Lahsasna461.05.13.Rural commune1459949529493
Lakhiaita461.05.15.Rural commune295617538917529
Sahel Oulad H'Riz461.05.25.Rural commune4654264356264297149 residents live in the center, called Oulad H Riz Sahel; 19286 residents live in rural areas.
Sidi Abdelkhaleq461.05.27.Rural commune876593305933
Sidi El Mekki461.05.29.Rural commune179310983910974
Soualem461.05.33.Rural commune3670192167192093243 residents live in the center, called Soualem; 15973 residents live in rural areas.
Zaouiat Sidi Ben Hamdoun461.05.35.Rural commune165110039010039
Foqra Oulad Aameur461.08.05.Rural commune1107602406024
Jaqma461.08.07.Rural commune175211511111510
Kasbat Ben Mchich461.08.09.Rural commune207813351013351
Lambarkiyine461.08.17.Rural commune1324788407884
Ouled Cebbah461.08.19.Rural commune1395763507635
Ouled Zidane461.08.21.Rural commune1073612206122
Riah461.08.23.Rural commune1197756267556


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