Chtouka Aït Baha Province

Chtouka Aït Baha is a province in the Moroccan economic region of Souss-Massa. Its population in 2004 was 297,245.

The major cities and towns are:


The province is divided administratively into the following:[1]

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2004)Foreign populationMoroccan populationNotes
Ait Baha163.01.03.Municipality1062476714766
Ait Mzal163.03.05.Rural commune917455504555
Ait Wadrim163.03.07.Rural commune1438736607366
Aouguenz163.03.09.Rural commune1304588605886
Hilala163.03.13.Rural commune734383103831
Ida Ougnidif163.03.15.Rural commune864315103151
Sidi Abdallah El Boushwari163.03.25.Rural commune1713906819067
Tanalt163.03.33.Rural commune920353603536
Targua Ntoushkka163.03.35.Rural commune1244655206552
Tassegdelt163.03.37.Rural commune1168652606526
Tizi Ntakousht163.03.39.Rural commune484195101951
Ait Milk163.05.03.Rural commune211211414011414
Belfaa163.05.11.Rural commune437022406222404
Inshaden163.05.19.Rural commune448421542421538
Massa163.05.21.Rural commune3339165265165218999 residents live in the center, called Massa; 7527 residents live in rural areas.
Sidi wassay163.05.31.Rural commune16828571258546
Ait Amira163.07.01.Rural commune1067447458747451
Imi Mqourn163.07.17.Rural commune206311748011748
wad Essafa163.07.23.Rural commune779639386739379
Sidi Bibi163.07.27.Rural commune510824639824631
Sidi Boushab163.07.29.Rural commune188210438010438


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