Oued Ed-Dahab Province

Oued Ed-Dahab is a province in the Moroccan economic region of Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab, in the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Its population at the 2004 Census was 65,378.[1] Its major town is Dakhla.[2]


The province is divided administratively into the following:[3]

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2004)Foreign populationWestern Sahara populationNotes
Bir Anzarane391.05.01.Rural commune2626597186579
Gleibat El Foula391.05.03.Rural commune42297312972
Mijik391.05.05.Rural commune925195514
Oum Dreyga391.05.07.Rural commune78300513004
El Argoub391.09.01.Rural commune1012534565339
Imlili391.09.03.Rural commune474231102311


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