Ouarzazate Province

Ouarzazate Province is a province in the administrative region of Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco. Its population in 2004 was 499,980.[1]

Ouarzazate Province

إقليم ورززات
Country Morocco
  Total41.550 km2 (16.043 sq mi)

The major cities and towns are:[2]


The province is divided administratively into the following:[3]

NameGeographic codeTypeHouseholdsPopulation (2004)Foreign populationMoroccan populationNotes
Ait Zineb401.03.01.Rural commune1518923399224
Amerzgane401.03.03.Rural commune1290759317592
Aznaguen401.03.05.Rural commune187212040012040
Ighrem Nogdal401.03.07.Rural commune220914014714007
Khouzama401.03.09.Rural commune1373819108191
Ouisselsate401.03.11.Rural commune241315361215359
Siroua401.03.13.Rural commune1482963309633
Telouet401.03.15.Rural commune203514211014211
Tidli401.03.17.Rural commune216914660114659
Ghassate401.07.01.Rural commune1233881508815
Idelsane401.07.03.Rural commune1214814008140
Imi N'Oulaoune401.07.05.Rural commune265419968019968
Skoura Ahl El Oust401.07.07.Rural commune3445228804228762808 residents live in the center, called Skoura; 20072 residents live in rural areas.
Tarmigt401.07.09.Rural commune524130871203085121168 residents live in the center, called Tabounte; 9703 residents live in rural areas.
Toundoute401.07.11.Rural commune168911877211875


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