Tangier-Assilah Prefecture

The prefecture of Tangier-Assilah (Arabic: إقليم طنجة أصيلة) is a largely urban subdivision of the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region of Morocco. Located in the north of the country, on the Atlantic coast. it had 762,583 inhabitants in 2004 and 1,065,601 inhabitants in 2014.

Camel transport on the beach near Assilah

Towns of the province

Municipality Population
in 1994
in 2004
Tangier 494,234 669,685
Asilah 24,496 28,217
Boukhalef 18,735 18,699
Zirara 13,361 15,033
Chbanate 11,522 10,618
Bir Taleb 11,047 11,252

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